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Launching May 1st - grab the early discount offer on our new program "WAX-PRINT SUBSCRIPTION BUSINESS IN A BOX" program. This live program that takes all the guesswork out of Building an African fashion business model for recurring income. Learn how to start a wax-print subscription business model with my 12 week live program. The ONLY training program that equips creative African fashion entrepreneurs and aspiring designers to scale a profitable fashion business in Africa. 

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Memberships and subscriptions are BOOMING in popularity and present a fantastic opportunity for recurring revenue in the online space. A waxprint subscription business for your African fashion business model is an opportunity that this 12-week live training will offer you. It guarantees monthly income and so regular customers.

But if you’ve never created a membership or subscription service with your business, there’s lots to understand before diving in fully.

On the program we will follow the W4 Formula used in my 121 coaching programs. Looking at your business model, your product and pricing, your sourcing strategy and your sales and sourcing strategy.  

As a bonus gain access to join our membership club theFAMILY too for 12 weeks free; The option to tap into our sourcing agency; Access our fulfilment centre; Do it alongside me - don't do it alone

Where people go wrong is not listening to industry movements and developments. Don't be like LoveFilms or Blockbusters who didn’t go online be like Netflix. Do be Like Uber Lyft compared to old taxi customers. Move as the market moves to grow. Join these companies ... Hellofresh and Stitchfix whose subscription business models receive payments from customers monthly

It's a great business model that according to McKinsey the subscription e-commerce business services is worth about $12 billion to $15 billion. (2018 and on upward trajectory!)

Build a business to accommodate the current shifts taking place in your market (or the one you want to tap into)…and if you never again want to wonder where your next paycheck will come from then launching a membership business could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Even in uncertain times. 



  • How long will the program be?
    It will last for 90 day’s / 12 weeks with two rest weeks for implementation
  • How do we do the sessions?
    This will take place via zoom weekly and also in a private Facebook group where members of the “waxprint subscription biz in a box” program will be.
  • Where can I get the waxprint fabrics from?
    We will be your fabric supplier partner working with a variety of textile sources throughout africa. Not just waxprint
  • How much will the program be?
    It will actually be offered at a discounted opening rate ONLY for £1497 you will gain it for 999 pay in full or 399 for 3 months
  • Will I get support once we finish?
    Yes as a bonus you’ll have access to our membership club theFAMILY during the course of the WaxBIB program you can continue with that after
  • Can I launch before the 12 weeks?
    Absolutely you can launch any time if you feel ready. The program will allow you to put the foundations and have a business ready to go in 3 months/12 weeks from now.
  • Extra fees you will need to pay?
    Aside from the program fees, if you wish to join our sourcing agency there will be a monthly fee for that you will have your fabrics supplied through us to ease your set up for your business. On top of this you will need finance for your website, the logistics and email marketing, promotion and advertising costs too.
  • Will you do a second group?
    The program will not open again for at least 6 months. My calendar of program for AfricaFashionGuide is full for 2021 But if you are not ready now do join in next time but note that the price will be £1497

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